Friday, June 17, 2011


The title is both for you AND me. I am new to the blogging world, so... Welcome, self! Thanks! I think I'll like it here.

I've been secretly wanting to blog for at least a year now. This was a little thought I kept tucked away in the back of my mind, just for me. I never really knew what I wanted it to be about other than EVERYTHING. And then one day out of thin air, my handsome, intuitive, schnazzy husband says to me, "You should start a blog."




Yes. Yes I should.

So here it is: Amy in the World. Fortunately, the domain name wasn't taken, so I snatched that right up! Unfortunately, I'm starting this on Blogger (while I wait for Mr. to design something for me), and was taken :( Sad day. So I have kind of a funky URL right now, which you can probably see at the top of your screen. I hope people can find me...

You did!

So why the name "Amy in the World"? Well, I'm glad you asked. Being a newlywed, newly college grad, and newly contributing member of society, I'm getting my feet wet in the REAL WORLD. And let me tell you, there is A LOT to learn! I'm 24, so numbers-wise, I've been an adult for a few years now. But some days I still feel like I'm 12.

Example: A couple weeks ago, my husband rented a car.

Did you catch that? He RENTED. A. CAR. That blew my mind! And he's 25, so we didn't have to pay extra. AND I got to drive it too! Legally!

Just a little adulthood milestone there...

There is so much for me to experience and figure out, and I can't wait to share everything with you. And even share some things I've picked up along the way that have made this journey into adulthood a little smoother. So I hope you keep reading and I value any feedback you might have!


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